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Episode 1 – 29th April 2020

Balancing UX and Cybersecurity
in the New Normal

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The world is going through challenging times on the backdrop of the COVID -19 pandemic with more than 180 countries and territories reporting confirmed cases. In such a scenario, it has become increasingly imperative that employers and employees both focus on continuity and growth in this downtime. 

This need is also aided by the fact that the business ecosystem has undergone a sea change in the past decade, which has prompted a need to leverage technology to cater to the changing paradigm. 

In this series of conversations, we will invite industry experts, technologists, and entrepreneurs to throw light on continuity and growth during downtime and the changing face of business. Given that both life and work as we know it is undergoing a change, the need to leverage technology for growth is paramount. 


These sessions will bring forth discussions about getting through this crisis, business continuity plans and tech adoption as the way forward for businesses.

Key Takeaways

Participants can understand the impact the right technology can have on business in the current scenario and in the times to come. How they can make tech adoption and security as their key selling points for customers, going forward, which will insulate its business from threats and set it on a path for sustained growth. 



Episode 1 – 29th April 2020

Balancing UX and Cybersecurity in the New Normal

The episode will feature discussions on the more-important-than-ever aspect of the need for enhanced security measures, especially in the wake of the post-lean period. Business could see a surge in customers and users and how security becomes more relevant in this context along with helping them manage the traffic.  

In this backdrop, how can one strike the perfect balance in ensuring a smooth customer experience and have state-of-the-art secured mechanisms to prevent mishaps. The conversation could revolve around product/service providers who are highly skilled in this field and had the right vision much before the coronavirus-induced business environment.

The talk can also revolve around the ways to boost customer penetration and at the same time not compromising the right secured aspects. We are looking for an answer as to how can companies ensure better and deeper customer outreach efficiently and in a secured manner?

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