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Bharat AI Conclave

Join us for a day of insightful discussions and innovative showcases at the Bharat AI Conclave. This exclusive event brings together India's leading AI startups, tech corporations, researchers, and policy makers to shape the future of Artificial Intelligence in India.

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Bharat AI Conclave?

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Uncover AI strategies to elevate your operations.


Find lucrative opportunities in AI innovation.


Debdoot Mukherjee

Head of AI, Demand Engg,

Rohit Agarwal


Nirant Kasliwal

Artificial Intelligence Engineer,

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What’s in store:

Insightful Speakers

Over 30+ AI experts share groundbreaking insights and trends.

Diverse Sessions

Engage in 15+ dynamic sessions, from deep dives to innovative showcases.

Interactive Workshops

Hands-on sessions for practical AI skills and application.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with AI peers and pioneers for valuable collaborations.

Fireside Chats

Intimate, enlightening conversations with AI leaders.


AI playground: Early stage startups leading change

Come and meet the new kids on the block! Discover some of India's coolest early stage startups driving innovation in the AI space.

Hyperscaling innovation with AI

Uncover how AI is accelerating innovation across tech like cloud, fintech, data science, healthcare, analytics, and more.

Viksit Bharat: India as an AI-first nation

Join India's journey towards becoming a global AI hub, as the nation increasingly invests in nurturing developer talent and building world-class, AI-first businesses.

GenAI for day-to-day use

Bring GenAI to your fingertips in this showcase of AI innovators who are rapidly transforming business interactions as well as content, design, art and more.

How to build an awesome career in AI

Don't get left behind! Discover the latest opportunities for value creation, collaborative learning and pathways to upskill yourself and build a successful career in AI.

Smart ways to adopt enterprise AI

Bring your notepad for this deep-dive on how to use cutting-edge AI tools and resources for optimising operations, enhancing decision-making, and driving innovation in your business.

Building AI models for Indian languages

It's vocal for local, quite literally! Navigate the linguistic diversity that defines the nation, and delve into the intricacies of building LLMs for Indian languages.

Spotting AI's biggest value creation opportunities

Watch seasoned startup investors reveal the secrets behind identifying the most relevant problem statements and solutions in the field of AI. Don't miss this one!

The AI playbook for media and entertainment

Level up your creative chops by learning how AI is reshaping content, media and entertainment, personalising user experiences, and exploring new creative horizons.

Evolving fintech with AI-powered systems

Explore how AI is disrupting India's fintech and financial services industry by providing intelligent insights, enhancing decision-making, and more.

Responsible AI: Building an ethical future

Escape The Matrix in this deep-dive on building AI in a safe, inclusive and humane manner - ensuring that the tech creates social impact at scale.

Powering India's retail revolution with AI

Explore the transformation of India's retail sector through AI, from enabling more personalised shopping experiences to supply chain optimisation, and more.

Agile AI: Optimising time to market

It's pedal to the metal as agile AI accelerates product development, enabling Indian businesses to swiftly adapt to market changes and deliver solutions faster than ever.

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