Design for Success:

Capitalise on the advantages of design to build brand, business and customer experience

June 2, 2020 | 4 PM


Among the fundamental aspects that distinguish a product or service is good design.  giving brands an edge over the competition. It has become essential for every professional across roles - designers, developers, product managers, marketers, CEOs - to understand the strengths of good design and leverage it in the development of products, solutions and services, be it physical or virtual.

This has made it important to understand the foundational aspects of design, its correlation to usability and positive user experiences, and its relevance to the changing market dynamics. 

In the second edition of Trench Talk, we bring you design experts from the physical and virtual world to uncover an interesting mix of ideas and perspectives on the power and relevance of design in today’s fast-paced world.


Key Takeaways

  • Importance of design in usability, software and physical products
  • Different kinds and approaches to designs and the key differences between UI and UX
  • Understand how to design from scratch, observing the red flags and understanding how and when to initiate redesign
  • Examples of how redesign makes business better
  • Impact of design on user behaviour
  • The future of design in the post COVID-19 era

Brigade Real Estate Accelerator Program (REAP)

With a focus on Innovation, Brigade REAP is a natural extension of the Groups philosophy to challenge the status quo and leverage technology to deliver greater efficiencies for the group, the industry at large and a better way of life for the customer. The Accelerator Program is being set up with a view to identify and nurture startups from India with a focus on technology that will help the industry while helping the startups scale in a sustainable manner.

Brigade REAP is focused on technology startups in areas relevant to real-estate, retail and hospitality. The sectors range from IoT, nano technology, cleantech and renewable energy, logistics and visual computing.

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