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About DevSparks 2024

DevSparks 2024 is a YourStory tech summit for 500+ developers, engineers and technologists to collaborate, learn, explore, and evolve together.

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Why attend DevSparks 2024?

Foster app innovation

Encourage specific collaboration and organised knowledge exchange to accelerate app innovation.

Solve real-world problems

Decode how to apply emerging technologies to real-world scenarios and problem statements.

Explore the future

Showcase and highlight the latest advancements across the emerging tech spectrum.

Build connections

Facilitate meaningful interactions between developers, startups, enterprises, industry leaders, and tech enthusiasts.

Upskill, hire and generate employment

Build specific knowledge through workshops and masterclasses in tech, and connect with developers with similar areas of expertise.


Accelerating India app ecosystem

Deep-dive into India’s vibrant developer ecosystem, and solve real-world scenarios with next-gen apps.

Advanced AI use cases

Explore GenAI development for search, chatbots, text, audio, video and more, and stay updated on LLM research and foundational models.

India Stack and Digital public infrastructure

Learn app development for population scale, and explore opportunities for building on top of public infrastructure.

Levelling up gaming

Explore the next wave of hypercasual games in India, build capabilities to produce AAA games, and adopt the latest tech in game development.

Impact of cloud computing

Decode the SaaS ecosystem in cloud computing, cloud-native development for apps, AI innovation for cloud, data center innovation, and more.

Blockchain and Web3 use cases

Understand public and private blockchains, how to develop Decentralised Apps (DApps), and the latest advancements in cryptography.

Business data analytics, ops and security

Learn data analytics software development across healthcare, fintech, agritech, etc, how to deploy B2B AI apps, and more.

Past Speakers

Bhavish Aggarwal


Pramod Varma

CTO, EkStep Foundation, Co-Founder, FIDE & ex-Chief Architect, Aadhaar and India Stack

Surojit Chatterjee

Founder & CEO,

Dale Vaz

Founder & CEO, Aaritya

Navendu Agarwal

Group CIO, Ola

Seema Ramachandra

Head, Customer Engineering (Retail, CPG & Health), Google Cloud

Todd Greene

Co-Founder & CEO, PubNub

Rohan Verma


Nikhil Nautiyal

Senior Director of Product, Ola

Puneet Vyas

Managing Director, UBS

Vimal Kumar

Founder, JUSPAY

Mukesh Jain

CTO, VP & Global Head of People Analytics, Capgemini

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