Gateway to Innovation and Entrepreneurial Success


Hack2Startup by YourStory is more than just a competition; it is a gateway to innovation, collaboration, and success within the startup ecosystem. By providing a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their talents and connect with industry leaders and emerging startups, we aim to cultivate a new generation of startup founders who will shape the future of innovation.This campaign is designed to identify, nurture, and connect talented individuals with the dynamic startup ecosystem, offering them opportunities for career transformation and entrepreneurial success. Additionally, it supports early-stage startups in finding and collaborating with the best talent in the market.


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Identify and Nurture Talent

Discover and support the best minds ready to innovate and lead.

Facilitate Collaboration

Provide hackathon winners with opportunities to collaborate with established startups, potentially leading to employment or partnerships

Accelerate Startup Growth

Equip early-stage startups with carefully curated talent who can potentially be a founding team, hence accelerating the growth of startups.

Enhance Visibility

Offer extensive media coverage and visibility for participants and their projects within the startup community.

Who should participate

Startup Enthusiasts

Individuals driven by a passion for entrepreneurship, eager to immerse themselves in the startup ecosystem.

Aspiring Engineers

Engineers looking to showcase their expertise, gain industry recognition, and make meaningful contributions to cutting-edge projects.

Talented Students

Young minds with the skills and potential to tackle real-world challenges through innovative solutions.

Discover the Rewards of Your Hard Work

Chance to win YourStory MASTERPASS for all the aspiring Entrepreneurs
Showcase your project at YourStory’s TamilNadu story 2024
Get featured on YourStory
Exclusive meet ups with Start-ups and Industry leaders
Win lots of goodies


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Health Tech

Develop innovative solutions to improve healthcare access and early disease detection.


Develop an e-learning platform with interactive lessons in regional languages for students.

Open Category

Have a groundbreaking idea? Bring it to life and turn your vision into reality.

Customer Service and Communication

Develop an AI-driven platform to enhance local language support for better customer satisfaction.

Hackathon Timeline

July 1

Applications Open

July 11

Application Deadline

July 12-14

Evaluation and Awards

July 18