Decoding India's smart health revolution
26th Aug 2022
Why Health360

The pandemic has clearly shown that it's more important than ever for each one of us to carry the healthcare agenda. While we have all dealt with the impact of the pandemic, we have also witnessed an exponential adoption of technology-driven healthcare solutions; both amongst consumers as well as healthcare institutions.

Healthcare has become one of the largest sectors in India, both in terms of revenue and employment. It has been growing at a CAGR of 22% since 2016, employing 4.7mn people directly and is expected to reach USD 372 Bn by the end of 2022. Technology will continue to play a defining role in the rapid transformation of healthcare in India. In addition to this, highly commendable policies and infrastructural investments by the Indian Government in the health stack is setting the foundation for a very positive healthcare story in India.

India is truly undergoing a health revolution it's a smart revolution this time. From AI/ML solutions to bio-markers, from UHI to health accessibility solutions, the Health 360 summit will delve deep into all the smart trends defining new-age healthcare in India. Health 360 will bring together leaders, policymakers, founders and health-tech enthusiasts to discuss, network, learn and be a part of an exclusive & influential Health Tech community in India.

Who is it for

Policy makers
who are shaping the future of Healthcare in India

Founders & employees
of Health Tech startups in India

Venture Capitalists, Private equity investors, Corporate investors and angel investors
who have an interest in Health Tech

Consultants & Knowledge partners
who have active practices in Indian healthcare

Leaders & employees
of the large health care, bio-tech & big-pharma companies of India

Working professionals & students
who have a very deep interest in Health Tech

The Agenda for the day
Opening interview - Will Unified Health Interface (UHI) be the new UPI?

The UPI has revolutionised payments in India and turned us into a cashless economy. Will the UHI be as disruptive and what can we expect ?

Track 1
Technology in Healthcare
Panel discussion - How hospitals are leveraging deep-tech to provide customer-centric solutions

How has the initial traction been on AI, ML and metaverse in hospitals and what can we expect?

Interview - The critical role of the cloud in fast-tracking smart healthcare in India

What are the different scenarios in which healthcare companies can leverage health-centred cloud solutions?

Track 2
Healthcare for New India
Panel discussion - How democratised is healthcare access in India

Can technology solve the issues of access when it comes to healthcare in India? What does it mean to truly achieve digital health inclusion?

Panel discussion - The outlook for the home care segment in India

Is home care as effective as in-hospital care? Is this segment going to aggressively eat into the market share?

Track 3
Prioritising mental health
Panel Discussion - Disrupting mental healthcare

Decoding the factors that have helped tech-led digital mental healthcare and healing space gain traction.

Interview/Fireside Chat - Being mindful when your mind is full

Acknowledging and understanding the ways through which we can make a caregiver’s journey more effective and less stressful and overwhelming.

Story - What did it take to successfully deliver 2 billion vaccines in India

Get the inside story of the behind-the-scenes machinery that it took to successfully deliver 2 billion vaccines in India

Track 1
Technology in Healthcare
Panel discussion - Blockchain applications that can disrupt healthcare and have a real impac

Can we see practical solutions that can be implemented and adopted in the short term using blockchain applications?

Masterclass - How AI & Machine learning can be used in healthcare

A walkthrough of different ways in which we can think about AI and ML in healthcare.

Panel discussion - Will India's health IoT devices & platforms drive the next wave of health consciousness?

Wearables, biomarkers and integrated devices are beginning to see early adopters. What is the expected end state in this space?

Fireside chat - A conversation on the real-life use cases that we can expect with the UHIs launch

A conversation that explores different ways in which UHI will impact our lives.

Track 2
Healthcare for New India
Interview - How has the world changed for Indian BioTech companies after the global pandemic

Has COVID influenced any long-term changes in the way BioTech companies operate, invest and make decisions?

Masterclass - The marketing & user acquisition playbook in B2C healthcare

A walkthrough of strategies and tactics to consider while marketing and acquiring users in healthcare.

Interview - How can we innovatively drive inclusion and access to health insurance?

How can health-insure-tech drive awareness and adoption?

Panel discussion - Are we coming to age with preventive healthcare?

With unhealthy lifestyles leading to multiple health issues, is our preventive healthcare system effective enough to rise to the challenge?

Track 3
Prioritising mental health
Panel Discussion - Relooking at the culture of hustle: Dealing with stress at work

How can one support their mental wellbeing in a culture where ‘being a hustler’, ‘multi-tasker’, ‘go-getter’ is romanticised?

Fireside Chat - The queer affirmative lens to mental health

Decoding the steps that organisations can take multiple steps to address LGBTQIA+ workplace mental health.

Panel Discussion/Masterclass  - Young and restless: Mandating a mental health curriculum in a post-pandemic world

Mental health awareness during formative years can make significant changes in understanding of mental wellbeing. How can we achieve this?

Panel Discussion - The India health-tech market outlook

What are the new segments and opportunities that investors are bullish about and where do we see capital being infused

Closing Panel  - The importance of focusing on holistic wellness

While technology in healthcare is fast evolving, how can we ensure that we live lives that are balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

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