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YourStory, in collaboration with Longhouse Consulting, is launching India's CTO Excellence Awards to recognise and celebrate the exceptional contributions of 23 tech leaders who have significantly impacted India's technology landscape over the past decade. India's CTO Excellence Awards marks the beginning of a new chapter, dedicated to celebrating the builders behind India's tech success.

The India Tech Leaders Conclave 2024, a gathering of 200 of India’s top tech visionaries and leaders, unveiled the prestigious awards in Bengaluru on June 21, 2024. This premiere event aimed to inspire, mentor, and shape the next decade of India's tech leadership.
YourStory has always been at the forefront of celebrating the builders of new India. With India's CTO Excellence Awards, our goal is to bring well-deserved recognition to the tech leaders who have played from behind the scenes, defining roles in shaping their company's success and India’s tech story."
Shradha Sharma, Founder and CEO of YourStory
These tech leaders are the backbone of the innovation economy and we're proud to have worked closely with India's top tech leadership over the last decade. Through India's CTO Excellence Award awards, we aim to inspire the next generation of tech leaders and set a benchmark for excellence in technology leadership.
Anshuman Das, Co-Founder & CEO at Longhouse Consulting
Pioneering Innovation Across Diverse Industries
judging Criteria
Years of Experience: Total years served as a CTO or head of a department.
Business Growth: Impact on the company’s business growth during their tenure.

Innovation: Number of new product and technology offerings created.

Patents filed and publications authored.
Leadership: Team size managed and the quality of hires.
Direct Reports: Profile and success of direct reports beyond the scope of that organisation

Functional Responsibilities: Scope and scale of their responsibilities.
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Opening Remarks
7:05 PM - 7:20 PM
Award Presentations
Honouring 23 prolific startup tech leaders
7:20 PM Onwards
Dinner and Networking
Thank you for making the event a grand success.
Guests of Honor At The Awards Ceremony
Shri Priyank Kharge
Hon'ble Minister
Rural Development and Panchayat Raj,
Information Technology and Biotechnology
Pramod Varma
CTO, EkStep Foundation, Co-founder, FIDE
& ex-Chief Architect, Aadhaar & India Stack
Jeyandran Venugopal
CPTO, Flipkart
With over 20 years of experience, Jeyandran Venugopal has been transforming ecommerce in India with cutting-edge tech and product strategy. At Flipkart, he's integrated AI/ML and automation into the platform, enhancing customer experience, pioneered immersive 3D and AR shopping, and more.
Phanimohan Kalagara
CTO, Pine Labs
Phanimohan Kalagara has more than two decades of experience, spanning ecommerce, fintech, and CAD/CAM. At Pine Labs, he drives tech innovation to enhance merchant commerce solutions across Asia and initiated the company's omnichannel platform, integrating multiple payment channels.
Ajit Narayanan
CTPO, Licious
Over a career of 20+ years, Ajit Narayanan has pioneered high-performance computing, big data, and machine learning across ecommerce, healthcare, mobile, and AI. At Licious, he leads tech-driven innovations revolutionising consumer experiences.
Paranth Thiruvengadam
India Site Leader & Head of Engineering, Atlassian
Paranth Thiruvengadam has spent 20+ years in tech leadership at ClearTax, MedLife, Yahoo!, IBM Labs, and Walmart Labs, driving significant innovation. At Atlassian, Paranth today oversees a 1,700-strong workforce, driving customer-centric IT service management solutions as India Site Leader and Head of Engineering ITSM.
Sanjay Mohan
Group CTO, MakeMyTrip
Sanjay Mohan, the Group CTO at MakeMyTrip, has 30+ years of experience, driving technological innovation and AI-driven strategies, enhancing personalised travel planning with generative AI and voice interfaces. He spearheaded industry-leading platforms, improved user accessibility in regional languages, and established a major tech hub in Bangalore.
Shamik Sharma
SVP - Engineering, Atlassian
With nearly three decades in tech, Shamik Sharma has pioneered products across various industries, including ecommerce, digital advertising, gaming, and enterprise software. He has scaled several organisations from founding teams to specialised units and co-founded, driving health tech innovations. Previously, as Chief Technology & Product Officer at Myntra, he spearheaded the company’s mobile-first strategy, enhancing its position in the industry.
Sanjay Suri
As Nykaa’s former Chief Technology and Product Officer, Sanjay Suri drove the company’s tech advancements and product innovations. He was instrumental in scaling Nykaa's tech infrastructure, including pioneering Nykaa Fashion and Nykaa Man brands. Under his leadership, Nykaa also optimized supply chain and personalized customer engagement, elevating its mobile platform in India's beauty sector.
Raghu Krishnananda
CPTO, Myntra
Raghu Krishnananda is a key driving force when it comes to tech innovation in the online fashion sector. At Myntra, he has integrated AI and AR/VR to revolutionise online shopping, launching Myntra FWD for Gen Z and expanding omnichannel networks to 350+ brands and 5,600+ stores. His tech-driven solutions enhance personalised customer experiences, cementing Myntra's leadership in ecommerce.
Suvonil Chatterjee
CTPO, Ola Electric
Since 2016, Suvonil Chatterjee has driven innovation at Ola, shaping its ride-hailing and electric vehicle strategies. His journey from design to product management showcases his adaptability and tech prowess. At Ola, Suvonil champions AI and machine learning to elevate customer service and operational efficiency, introducing advanced ride booking algorithms and intuitive app interfaces.
Satish Mani
CTO - Flights SBU, MakeMyTrip
Satish Mani has been driving technological advancements at MakeMyTrip Flights, ensuring top-notch user experience and operational excellence in the online travel sector. As CTO for Flights, Satish spearheads projects that enhance booking systems and streamline travel processes, keeping MakeMyTrip ahead in innovation. Previously at Cleartrip, he played a pivotal role in building and scaling its platform from the ground up, establishing it as a pioneer in travel tech.
Giridhar Yasa
CTO, Lendingkart
Giridhar Yasa has over 20 years of experience and leads Lendingkart's technological strategy, focusing on scalable solutions for seamless customer experiences. He has pioneered a scalable tech framework that reduces onboarding time and customizes workflows for customers and partners, ensuring robust platform performance.
Pramod Jajoo
SVP Technology & India Country Head, Shipbob
With 30+ years of experience, Pramod Jajoo has shaped tech strategies at BigBasket and Flipkart. Now as SVP Technology & India Country Head, he pioneers ShipBob's global omni fulfilment platform. Pramod spearheaded ShipBob's first Technology Innovation Hub in India, amplifying its global reach and tech capabilities. His expertise in supply chain at Flipkart and tech scalability at BigBasket continues to redefine logistics solutions worldwide.
Rahul Chari
Co-founder & CTO, PhonePe
As Co-founder and CTO at PhonePe, Rahul Chari has redefined digital payments in India. His journey began at Flipkart, where he crafted the tech stack for eKart, transforming logistics nationwide. Rahul's tenure at Flipkart saw groundbreaking innovations in Supply Chain Management, Order Management, and Last Mile Delivery, laying the foundation for seamless e-commerce operations in India.
Vishwanath Ramarao
CPTO, Acko
As CPTO at Acko, Vishwanath Ramarao spearheads technology strategy, product development, and design, delivering innovative and personalised insurance solutions.Under his leadership, Acko has developed proprietary technology platforms leveraging customer behaviour and data analytics for personalised insurance products, setting the company apart in the competitive insurance market.
Akash Saxena
CTPO, Viacom18
Akash Saxena has scaled Disney+ Hotstar to unprecedented heights, orchestrating a record-breaking 25.3M concurrent streams during the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, serving over 300M monthly active users globally. Under his leadership, Disney+ Hotstar implemented static scaling "ladders" and stringent security measures, ensuring platform stability even during peak demand.
Amod Malviya
Co-founder & Engineer, Udaan
As the co-founder of udaan, Amod Malviya revolutionised B2B e-commerce, creating India’s largest platform connecting businesses nationwide. In his previous stint as CTO at Flipkart, he laid the groundwork for the company's technological advancements and played a pivotal role in developing Flipkart’s logistics arm, eKart, ensuring efficient deliveries across India.
Amitabh Misra
CTO, Sprinklr
Amitabh Misra oversees global R&D, product, and engineering at Sprinklr, driving innovation and technological excellence across the company. Moving from the US to India in 2011, he joined Snapdeal as CTO, Chief Architect, and Head of Engineering, scaling its tech infrastructure to support rapid growth. At Snapdeal, Amitabh led key technological advancements that propelled the company's success, demonstrating his leadership in managing large engineering teams and developing scalable systems.
Kailash Nadh
CTO, Zerodha
Kailash Nadh, CTO at Zerodha, has been pivotal in transforming it into India’s largest stock brokerage firm, leading its tech innovation since 2013. With over 20 years of experience, Kailash developed a robust, scalable tech infrastructure at Zerodha, and also spearheaded the development of the company’s core trading platform Kite. His work has revolutionised online trading in India, setting new benchmarks for fintech innovation and making trading accessible and efficient for millions.
Mumu Pande
Global COO, Quor Group
Mumu Pande, Global COO at Quor Group, brings over 11 years of experience from Eka Software, where she spearheaded product development and engineering. As CPTO at Eka, Mumu led the charge in developing cutting-edge digital solutions using blockchain and machine learning, revolutionizing the commodities sector. At Quor Group, she continues to drive technological advancements, improving efficiency and reliability across the company’s offerings.
Dale Vaz
Founder & CEO, Aaritya
Dale Vaz, former CTO at Swiggy and now Founder & CEO of Aaritya, has a remarkable track record in transforming tech landscapes.As CTO of Swiggy, Dale made the company AI and ML-first, overseeing a team of over 1500 people and developing robust tech infrastructure across Swiggy Food, Swiggy Instamart, and other verticals.
Bapu Kota
CTO, VerSe Innovation (Dailyhunt & Josh)
Bapu Kota has been instrumental in advancing technology for flagship products Dailyhunt and Josh, revolutionising the Indian digital content space. Under Bapu’s leadership, VerSe Innovation has integrated AI and machine learning to enhance user experiences on Dailyhunt and Josh, setting new standards in the digital content industry. He has significantly driven VerSe Innovation’s growth, establishing it as a key player in India's dynamic digital content landscape.
Murali Brahmadesam
CTO & Head of Engineering, Razorpay
Murali Brahmadesam is the CTO & Head of Engineering at Razorpay, overseeing the company’s technological strategy and development since 2022. With over 20 years of experience in technology and engineering, Murali leads an 800-member engineering team, driving Razorpay’s growth and innovation.As CTO, he ensures Razorpay’s focus on security, compliance, data reliability, and performance optimization, fostering customer-centric innovation.
Karan Mehta
Founder & CTO, Ring and Kissht
Mehta believes that a CTO must understand that many moving parts have to work together for customers to get the best experience, and focuses on tech that enables trust. Kissht has been at the forefront of the digital lending wave, starting operations when the idea did not exist, and working to ensure that every single Indian has seamless access to credit.
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