The MAKERS Conference, India 2021
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is The MAKERS Conference, India 2021?

The MAKERS Conference, India 2021 brings together influential women leaders from diverse fields for the first time to explore ways to accelerate women’s equality. It will bring new perspectives to conversations that can propel action on themes like equality and inclusivity for women in the workplace.

From policy trends to entrepreneurship and diversity initiatives, the conference will take a fresh look at the possibilities that can come with new pathways and more power to Indian women.

With its 1st India Edition, the conference is a milestone in India’s journey of gender equality at work. We intend to provide inspiration that moves people to action via provocative conversations, compelling storytelling and onstage pledges to advance change through a two-day immersive experience at The MAKERS Conference 2021, India Edition.

2. Where will The MAKERS Conference, India 2021 be hosted?

It will be hosted on Hubilo (virtual event platform).

3. How does the conference work?

The digital summit will have a packed conference schedule for both the days. You can view conference sessions live or watch them on-demand at your convenience and from the comfort of your home.

4. Why attend this conference?

At MAKERS India, we are building a community of diverse individuals who are changemakers and trailblazers. We believe that an equal world is a better world; and MAKERS India is working towards creating an inclusive and empowered community for women. 

Ever since our launch, we have been speaking with and capturing journeys of entrepreneurs, changemakers and achievers from various sectors in order to encourage more women to join the workforce. While we keep publishing interviews on a daily basis, we also arrange live conversations with entrepreneurs, business leaders and achievers from various sectors through webinars, social media lives and such conferences.

5. Can I attend the event from my tablet or phone?

Yes, attendees can experience the full event from a tablet or smartphone/device.

6. What if I miss the live event?

No problem! You can revisit the virtual environment and watch the videos and audio presentations after the event at a time best suited to you. However, to be able to interact with your peers and sponsors, we recommend attending the live event.

7. Where can I book my seat for the conference?

Register for your pass HERE. Individual All-Access Passes and Team All-Access Passes are now available.

8. Is there a cost to attend the conference?

Yes, you and your colleagues can enjoy these in-depth insights and networking opportunities without having to break the bank, thanks to great value ticket prices.

Individual delegate passes are only Rs 500 (currently at 75% discount) for full two-day access, and there are some very attractive discounts available on team passes, with group bookings for 4 starting from Rs 400 (currently at 80% discount) per delegate.

9. How does networking work at the conference?

Networking is a key part of any event and The MAKERS Conference 2021, India Edition is no different. If you are in the Lounge, you can easily engage to have a wider conversation with fellow attendees in group chats. With just a couple of clicks, you can have the option to enter into one-on-one conversations with mentors and experts to gain deep insights on the subject of your interest. 

You can also network with exhibitors and sponsors by visiting their booths in the Partners tab. Simply click on any representative from that company and they will help you with any enquiry you may have.