Here’s to creating 1 million+ women job-creators in India by 2025 who will help build our collective dream of a $5trillion nation while navigating their personal stories of freedom.

Here’s to each woman who is building her road to financial freedom in unique ways. She may be working in any field or discipline. A creator. A leader. An entrepreneur. A changemaker. Here’s to finding her in each small village, town and city in the country. A woman who has her own voice, her own beliefs and her own conviction.

SheSparks will bring the inspiration alive through real stories of grit, innovation and success that can inspire millions of more emerging changemakers. SheSparks will recognize and celebrate the trailblazers, not just the ones we read about in papers or watch on our screens, but shine the light on changemakers from each district across the country who are building for the emerging world, solving old challenges and breaking new ceilings.

SheSparks is her companion, her cheerleader, her champion. Here’s to the journey she will traverse from inspiration to preparation as she finds, tells and lives her authentic story.

And here's to the partners, collaborators and co-believers who will join the SheSparks movement and make the change real, at scale.

SheSparks will enable the preparation for the future-ready women entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow through YourStory University which will arm her with the practical skills required for the tough journey of entrepreneurship. Be it awareness of relevant government schemes or financial readiness, the best toolkits to build their stories, the skills that match their passion, YourStory University womens’ entrepreneurship program will help preparation meet passion.

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