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Art and Culture:

The award is a recognition of an achiever who has blazed a trail in art, or culture . She has contributed to these fields not just with her talent but also her
far-reaching contributions to many issues and causes.


This award will recognise changemakers in the field of education who contributes through practice, research or administration in a learning environment, including the education system, employee training and community education.

Social Impact:

This award recognises a change maker who is determined to elevate the values of physical, mental or spiritual well-being. Her actions impact her community/environment positively, supports and promotes social consciousness, effective practice and community service.


This award will recognise a woman who has taken an innovative approach to solving a problem, filling a need or breaking into a new market. She has made sacrifices and risked a great deal to successfully manage, launch or revive a business, product or service.

Science & Technology:

The Science & Technology Award celebrates a woman whose efforts forge new roles for women and create opportunities for future generations in fields of science, applied science and natural resources and information technology.


She is an exceptional woman who has taken her country to new heights of fame and success in the field of sports.


This category will recognize the achievements of men who are committed to mentoring women so that they soar to new heights of success.

Social Media Influencer:

The award recognises a social media warrior who is a role model for women everywhere. She uses social media platforms to disseminate information and engage a wide audience.


This category will award women in the corporate sector for their professional leadership and consistent commitment to excellence. She is an achiever who leverages her achievements and business acumen to facilitate change and create opportunities.

Young Achiever (Under 21):

She is young, restless and with the definitive drive to make a huge impact in her chosen field. The Award recognises her tenacity, determination and willingness to go places


This award will recognise a trailblazer in the field of entertainment, particularly in the performing arts who have made an outstanding contribution with her talent, artistry, dedication and service.


She is an exemplary woman who has displayed extraordinary sense of courage, fairness and fairness in reporting news and telling stories of impact.


This category will recognise achievements of a woman who has made great strides and impact in governance, thereby impacting thoughts and lives.


This award will recognise the achievements of a woman who has blazed her path in the field of fashion and has created opportunities for other women in the field.
Applications for the awards are now closed. The results will be
announced shortly'

Terms & Conditions

  • The awards will be decided by a jury comprising industry experts as well senior editorial staff from YourStory & HerStory. The decision of the jury will remain final and binding.
  • The awards will be presented at an exclusive Women On A Mission Awards event on Wednesday, March 6, at Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru. Exciting prizes in store for all winners.
  • Applications close on February 20.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be informed in advance of their selection.
  • All winners will be featured on HerStory in an announcement article.
  • You can apply for multiple categories of awards, depending on eligibility.