Industry - X India

Deciphering India's Industry 4.0 Saga

What is “Industry-X India”?

YourStory Introducing "Industry-X India" - A chapter that delves into the depths of India's Industry 4.0 revolution. With a keen focus on the industrial context of India, this series aims to decode the transformation of industries embracing advanced technologies and redefining the future of manufacturing and production in India.

Why “Industry-X India”?

India is globally touted as the most promising startup and tech destination. However, most of these conversations have been skewed towards digital-first technologies, and the technological transformation in Industry has become a secondary conversation.

In reality, Industry 4.0 would be one of the biggest game-changers for India :

Manufacturing contributes ~17% of the GDP.
Companies may enhance operating profit by 40 per cent
Companies can reduce capital expenditure by 10 per cent

The intricacies, nuances and impact of this transformative shift often go unspoken about. Industry-X India is here to change that by shedding light on the comprehensive scope, the fast paced progress and the profound impact of Industry 4.0 in India.

About the series

Through insightful interviews, in-depth discussions, and forward-looking conversations, we decode the strategies, challenges, and success stories of Indian companies and leaders who are at the forefront of the Industry 4.0 revolution. From large enterprises to emerging startups, we showcase the innovative use-cases, real-world applications, and the impact of these technologies on productivity, efficiency, sustainability, and job creation. The series will mainly focus on three formats -

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