An India-wide hackathon for social good

About Techathon

Are you enthusiastic about improving the world? Then Techathon sparked by GIZ, YourStory & 91springboard is your chance to hack for a better tomorrow. It doesn't matter whether you are a hacker, engineer, designer, business development enthusiast or just somebody who wants to solve some of the world's most pressing social challenges. Everyone is welcome to apply! 

You can apply either with an idea or without. Anyone that can demonstrate a unique skillset and a keen interest can apply for one of the four hackathons in Goa, Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Each hackathon will last for three days (4PM first day till 6 PM last day) and has been designed to address a different social challenge pertaining to a particular sector. Have a look at the problem areas and apply for the hackathon most suiting you!

Problem Areas
Problem statements for the hackathons in Goa & Delhi will be announced soon.
Please keep an eye out for any changes here.
Connected Mobility
Bengaluru: 4 - 6 May | Hyderabad: 11 - 13 May
4 Wheelers
  • Intelligent Transport Management Solution
  • FOTA
Developing connected car ecosystem
Fleet Management
Vehicle Diagnostics – Remote vehicle monitoring, Fault Management, Vehicle Health Record
Big Data Platform
  • Inductive Charging
  • Rapid Charging / E-Charging Infrastructure
  • Fully automatic charging for vehicles
  • E-Mobility solutions
Traffic Management
Street Parking with real-time , crowd- sourced data. Deep Learning analytics platform
Mobility Services
Intermodal Travel Assistance
Integrated solution for travel options with map reference contextually
Embedded security and intrusion detection systems
Intelligent Cybersecurity solution
Smart City
Bengaluru: 4 - 6 May | Hyderabad: 11 - 13 May
Traffic Management
  • Creation of Green Corridor for Emergency vehicles and VIP movements
  • Helmet detection and 3 people riding on two wheelers using video analytics
  • Helmet detection and 3 people riding on two wheelers using video analytics
Video Analytics, Deep Learning, IOT based solutions
Transportation Management
Commuters are facing rush hour challenges & non-guaranteed travel time due to “fixed schedule & route based fleet management, irrespective of travel demand, resulting in reduced public transport ridership
Dynamic route Management solutions, Real-time traffic updates, Analytics based solutions, Community based solutions
Parking Management
  • Identification of parking defaulters who park in spaces allotted to others, in a multi-tenanted office/campus”
  • Video analytics based Two wheeler parking occupancy detection structure
AI-enhanced Video Analytics, sensor + IOT based solutions
Goa: 18 - 20 May
Primary Education
  • Penetration of computers in rural areas (eg: digitisation of course materials, live streaming video lectures at low internet bandwidths, computer-aided learning as an integral part of teachers' pedagogy, enabling parents to use computers etc.)
  • Deep learning & IoT based solutions
  • Experiential learning solutions for students
  • Deep learning & Big data
  • Enabling a safe & healthy learning environment
  • IoT based security technologies, intelligent cyber security solutions
  • Increasing representation of students in science professions (eg, adaptive learning solutions to teach better & build confidence)
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Digitalisation of academic tests, controlling & assessments.
  • Facial recognition, Biometric systems, Deep learning, IoT based solutions
Financial Services
Industry 4.0
How it works
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