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Active Hours by Prime Venture Partners


June 22, 2019


Ground Floor, Alpha Block, Sigma Tech Park, Whitefield



Early stage entrepreneurs solving large problems with tech and product at the core, this is for you!

Prime Venture Partners is hosting the 3rd edition of Active Hours, where early-stage startups can come and have 1:1 sessions with their partners and discuss any topic they are struggling with.

What is Active Hours by Prime Venture Partners?
A 30 min one on one session with any one of the partners or investment team members from Prime Venture Partners to discuss all things startup. If you are a founder and have questions around Business Model, GTM, Pricing, Hiring, Product-Market-Fit, Fund Raising, etc. you should apply. Please note, this is NOT a fundraising pitch but a collaborative brainstorming session.

There will be two workshops on SaaS and Product, followed by 1:1 sessions with the managing partners.

Who would be present from Prime Ventures:

Amit Somani

Sanjay Swamy

Shripati Acharya

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