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Girlscript Summer Of Code 2019


March 1, 2019



Pan India

Heard of Open Source but don't know how to begin? Wish to work on real projects but don't know where to get started?

GirlScipt are here just for you!
Girlscript Summer Of Code is a 3-month long open source program under Girlscript India. The engaging competition is an endeavor to encourage participation in the open source coding community, a hub to nurture passion and learn and grow with amazing resources and challenges!

How does it work?
At the beginning of the competition, the mentors will declare the issues. The participants will be able to comment on the issues, make pull requests for the same and work on them (of whichever project they want). At the end of 3 months, the leaderboards of the mentors will be evaluated, based on which the results will be declared.
So, participants, prepare to work hard as you are in for a summer of learning, fun competition and a plethora of great gifts and opportunities if you win! Top performers stand to win amazing internship opportunities along with cool goodies and prizes!


If you wish to accompany GSSoC'19, learn loads from mentors and peers, contribute to open source projects and enhance your skills, you can participate in the competition! The only prerequisites we ask of our participants are enthusiasm, dedication and willingness to learn! You can fill the form here:

Wish to help others get started with Open Source?
If you are an experienced coder and wish to help others out as they venture into open source coding, you can sign up with us to be a Mentor! You can guide the participants with their way around with projects, managing times and leveraging their skills. You need not have your own project for being a mentor, some skills and an urge to help others is all our Mentors need!

If you have an Open Source Project, you can be a Project Admin in GSSoC'19!Fill the form here:

Registration closes on 10th Feb