Funding is the fuel that powers a business. Every startup has financial business goals to be achieved. To attain the same, it is essential to seek funding. This funding process ought to take place in a timely manner so that it becomes easier to plan financial tasks in a simple and structured way.  Funding and fundraising together contribute to the growth of business by enhancing the level of startup according to highest level of competition in corporate world.A business can take different avenues and channels to attain funding, often numerous channels are used .


Mr.Balachandar R

Co-founder - Wassup Laundry

Mr.Balram Nair

Vice President - The Chennai Angels

Mr.Sameer Achan

Director - Evren Asset Advisors Pvt. Ltd

Ms.Kavya Nair

Vice President - Advay Capital Advisors

Mr.Hari Ganapathy

Co-founder - PickYourTrail

Mr.Sanjay Dasari

Founder - WayCool Foods & Products Pvt. Ltd

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